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We are pleased to introduce the Fulcrum Gallery online store. This is a place where you can shop the same quality artist made products and contemporary fine art that we host at Fulcrum Gallery in Tacoma. Expect a sophoisticated sellection of unique gifts prints and curiosities.

About Fulcrum Gallery

Fulcrum Gallery specializes in up and coming national & regional contemporary artists. Our strong ties within the local art scene enable us to bring you shows with an authentic edge not found in other commercial galleries. As part of our programming we host a formal Artist Talk as well. The artist talks have been hugely popular. It providing an opportunity to learn about the work through the artists own words adding a considerable amount of depth to each exhibit. As a business Fulcrum does a fair amount of creative marketing. This marketing manifests it's self as collectable interactive art products, produced in conjunction with our exhibit. Our Salon located behind the Main Gallery features works from previous shows as well as a exquisite selection of design products and smaller works.


Fulcrum Gallery opened December 2007, the brainchild of renowned Artist Oliver Doriss. The Fulcrum Project is a combination of many things, a constantly evolving amalgamation of gallery/installation space, fine art retail, as well as an artistic community hub.
"For some years my interest in a display venue had been languishing in the background of my artistic career. I had the unique opportunity build out this venue in Hilltop. With Tacoma's incredible support of the arts and the availability of affordable space, I don't believe I could make a gallery like this work anywhere else." - Oliver Doriss

Meet the Business Owner

Oliver D.

Oliver Doriss is an experienced artist accomplished in a variety of mediums and disciplines. He began developing his multimedia sculptural work at the age of 14 and progressed to glass by the time he was 18 years old. After receiving his BFA from Massachusetts College of Art 1996 he devoted his energy to the glass craft, becoming a driving force within the modern glass movement. He has worked with such artists and designers as the celebrated Dale Chihuly, and Donna Karan, both producing and interpreting their work. After relocating to the Northwest in the late 90's Oliver eventually settled in Tacoma WA in 2003. Where most recently he opened the ubiquitous Fulcrum Gallery, an influential display space catering to contemporary art and installation. "Throughout my childhood I witnessed people inventing jobs for themselves, I was surrounded by artists, craftsmen, and generally self-made people. It is only now that I become aware how this shaped my own decision making process."

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